These days, Instagram is the go-to destination to get the travel inspiration. There are so many accounts which could inspire you to jump into the next flight. These accounts could make you feel like you are living the same moments as they are.
    We talked about travel blogging with Prateek tirthani, a Travel blogger and photographer, also known as hikewithpk on Instagram.
    He speaks about the power of visual storytelling on Instagram, which was missing earlier before. A few years ago, several forces—the internet, the global population’s increasing desire and ability to tour other parts of the world, and capitalism— came together to make it happen. But in 2019, you have to do hard work to make it happen, here are the tips you can use to become a successful travel blogger on Instagram :
    1. Gain Travel Experience of nearby places

    Gaining travel experience is the most important step to starting a travel Instagram account. Don't go with affectation of travel influencer, you can start with travel nearby places on budget.
    Be in the moment of travel and experiences because these experiences will be your stories on Instagram as visual content with captions.
    You may worried about time and budget which is not allowing you to travel but you can start travelling to nearby places on weekends.
    2. Find your niche or interest

    This comes with experience as you love to do adventure experience on mountains more or you love to do city travel more. You love to be being simple or also fashion blogging on-the-go.
    Finding a niche will help you to show your audience that who really you are and they will follow your experiences for having same interest.
    3. Leran Photography skills : Framing & Editing

    This is really important as you are sharing your experiences as a visual story so this is important to focus on what you share.
    Once you're in the game, you can invest in quality gear to make it more professional and to improve your skills.
    4. Relationship with audience

    Instagram isn't only about sharing cool content. You have to connect with audience, you have to engage with them by doing live videos to talk to them and to know what they want to see to improve your skills better.

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